Start and Up! Our journey from start up to global marketing agency

January 30, 2017 4:48 pm | Written by:Jeroen Den Bok

Start and Up. As quick as possible.

That’s what I had in mind when Stars and Stories was founded. I would love to share with you the story of how we got to where we are today and take it from there to where we want to go.

At the start, Stars and Stories didn’t focus on the USA, Europe or Asia. The day my company was born, it held office in a room where nowadays my baby boy is sleeping. The agency wasn’t more than a desk, a phone, and an idea. 730 days later, Stars and Stories is an agency, where the sun never goes down. If we fall asleep in Amsterdam, our Japanese team starts working, if our Parisian Director takes a glass of wine to relax after a day of work, the team in the States is already kicking ass for a couple of hours.

But, in those early days (what startup experts call the survival stage of a start-up life) I had only one focus: how to get a first client within 3 months as my savings didn’t buy me much more time and the not yet born soon to come baby wouldn’t wait either.

So I was hunting for clients. Day in day out. I made rookie mistakes but was wise enough to install a great CRM tool (Solve 360) and to use Google Suite. It took me three months before my first client said yes to the idea (thank you Logitech for your trust and business!). Now I had to execute it.

In the coming months, I’ll tell stories of those early days and share insights in our sales methods, choices of software to work with, books to read and other hopefully inspirational stuff.

Investments made in the first month (Oct. 2014):

  1. Sim card with Tele2 (€30, unlimited calls)
  2. Old iPhone at no costs
  3. 4 years old Apple mac, already in my possession
  4. Solve 360: 25 USD per month
  5. Setting up legal structure (Ygrec Financing and Notea)  €1150
  6. Salary of €1400 (directly from my savings account)

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